does anybody have an answer?

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yeah probably not.

i bulletined this on myspace because i was frustrated and just wanted to get it out. haha whenever i try to be deep, it never seems to work. but the one time i dont i have multiple people complimenting me on how deep it is.

hilarious. there area good amount of christians on this blog. so i guess im trying to connect to my fellow confused christians.

i dont know

should i discipline myself rigidly?
or do what i feel?
revere the bible?
or read it for help?
evangelize down their throats?
be chill and friendly?
be right and wield true truth?
or be tolerant and accepting?
sell it all away?
or enjoy life to the fullest?
dry without sex?
or indulge and indulge?

i guess its
or left

i mean the right seems.. more well right
the left seems more loving thought
“but they are in sin and unpure!”
“but they have lost the heart of god!”

i dunno.
im rebellious against the self-righteous right
i do not like the looseness of the left

and i hate how they both think they got it down: no one is ever correct. no that is not a paradox. that piece of correctness is from god. i know that nobody is correct.

it is the whole problem of the whole story of human kind. we aren’t correct.

it seems that i dont care very much what they say. im not partial, i side occasionally.
but it seems they’re both trying to copy jesus. but they suck at it in different ways.

people like to faction. there is acceptance within each faction of each other. togetherness.
it seems bad to have factions but maybe its good.
iron sharpens iron right? well theres gotta be some friction.

heck i even wonder if there is a universal church sometimes. i mean it makes sense that there is but its not all that biblical…

i dunno its just so confusing.

i guess we should just try and be like jesus.

but thats hard. even that is confusing.
will we ever be right?


Losing a Grasp.

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Sometimes, people lose a grasp on life, are unable to cope with it, and slip away into insanity. What is that breaking point though? Who decides when someone has ‘lost it’? Technically, insanity is defined as ‘a derangment of the mind.” But derangement is defined as “insanity.”

Confused? Me too.

So who really decides that you are crazy? I guess the people around you, who think you aren’t handling something well. But our culture today promotes the individualistic way of thinking. America wants everyone to think using their own processes and come to their own conclusions. But I guess not, because if your not handling life well, based on the thoughts of others you are considered insane.

I’m reading a book right now, its called The Fountainhead. Basically it is about two characters. One Howard Roark, doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He knows what he wants and he does it, without even trying to persuade those who protest him that his meathod of thinking is correct. He doesn’t care to spend the time becaues when it comes down to it, he just doesn’t care if they think he is right or wrong. The only thing that matters to him is building, because he is an architect. Howard just pursues what he loves, and does what he wants. The other character of the book is Peter Keating. He is also an architect, and extremely talented. His passion is building, but he cares deeply about what others think. Instead of pursuing his dreams of the building he wants to make, he conforms to the people and does what they want him to do, creating the styles they push onto him.

Everyone thinks Howard is insane. People believe Peter to be completely sane.

America wants you to think that its okay to be Howard, pursue your dreams do what you want. But look at this culture! The one who stands out is the one who is insane. The one who does what he wants to. The one who doesn’t care what others think. Isn’t that what every Disney movie tells us? Be who you want to be! Sounds nice, but when you put it into practice, people will just think your insane. You’ll probably end up visiting me in the institution. Maybe we’ll be in rooms next door to one another…

Really. I think that Peter is the insane one. He took all his talent, all his passion, and squeezed it out of himself in order to be what everyone wanted from him. If thats not insanity, I don’t know what is.


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The Fulbright program, initially started by Senator J. William Fulbright, is one of the most prestigious programs world wide. More Fulbright alumni have won Nobel prizes than any other program.

Twas started after WW2 with this vague purpose:

“The Fulbright Commission aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship.”

-J. William Fulbright

Basically, the program exchanges people and talent with other countries to encourage mutual appreciation and understanding between culturally polar nations. I found out these things by commenting on the blog of a Fulbright teacher in Bulgaria. For one year she teaches English, then returns home to the East Coast of the US. I found out that she was also an AmeriCorps volunteer with homeless in Washington D.C.

I simply want to blog about the idea of teaching abroad. Bringing the American culture to other nations. At first, such an idea seems very bad. Why would i want to encourage the American culture to becoming international. Now, i realize that America – though sometimes terrible – is a great place. It is a nation like any other but it has many facets that i realize are absent from the rest of the world. What most American share is our possession of fun, friends, family, food, freeways, flab haha, and so much more. Its easy to complain that the US is going down the tubes, but so many American adhere to the Bible and civil code that it really is the greatest nation on earth. True, we are the most complacent as well; but the American Dream is something everyone can dream. First, the must be introduced and taught English though.

I for one, would love to be a part of that cause. The utmost cause that i serve is to share the Gospel of Christ; yet, the American Gospel of Wealth may help me further that Cause.

Just an idea.



World War 3?

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Iran has made it clear that any attack from the U.S. or Israel on its nuclear facilities will result in an all out retaliation.

Benjamin Netanyahu issued a bold statement: if Obama does not stop Iran’s nuclear program, Israel most certainly will. The assertion seems to confirm Netanyahu’s own hawkishness, as well as the fears of US Middle East policymakers who support a more delicate approach to the region.

“Any aggression against Iran will start a world war,” deputy chief of staff for defense publicity, Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri, said in a statement carried by the state news agency IRNA.

The world will just have to see what happens. There are many different scenarios that could occur. An attack on Iran would probably start a large war. Is it likely that America or Israel will attack Iran, some experts say yes. Could Armageddon be on the horizon only time will tell. America not only has Iran to deal with, but also North Korea that may launch a satalite within the next week or so. I just want to remind everyone there is a war coming that will kill 1/3 of mankind or about 2.3 billion people.  Revelation 9:15

Response to :

North Korea Prepares to Launch a Long-Range Missile

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The North Korean government recently announced their plans to launch a long-range Taepodong-2 missile between April 4 and April 8. They have claimed that its purpose is to send a satellite into space. This has caused great international tension as it would be a direct violation of a U.N. ban that prohibits North Korea from ballistic activity. The only country that has threatened any action against the launch to date is Japan. Their government has given orders to their military to shoot down the missile if North Korea follows through with the launch. Other countries greatly opposed to the launch are the United States and South Korea who have both bolstered their forces in the area but have said that they would not take direct action. One thing is for sure, on April 4-8, the world will be watching to see the outcome of this situation.

Additional information can be found here

Should Notre Dame allow Obama to give their commencement adress?

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Last Friday, Notre Dame ignited a controversy when they announced that President Obama had agreed to be the commencement speaker at Notre Dame and to receive an honorary law degree.  The Controversy stems from the fact that Obama is probably the single most famous abortion advocate in the world today, while Notre Dame, a staunchly Catholic university, is perceived as being committed the Biblical platform of the sanctity of life.  Many people are outraged by Obama’s pro-abortion policies, such as state-sponsored advocacy of abortion in foreign countries, funding of embryonic stem-cell research, and his desire to repeal a conscious-protection law for health-care workers who don’t want to be forced into performing abortions.  To these people Notre Dame’s honoring of Obama in this way is analogous to acceptance of his abortion policies.  Although, the university has affirmed its traditional pro-life policy, and claimed that it does not support Obama’s view on the subject, many critics continue to be outraged.

Obviously, having someone speak at your university does not signify complete moral acceptance of that person (if they had Rush Limbaugh speak at Notre Dame, would they be advocating substance abuse?).  However, given Obama’s unquestionable reputation as an enemy of the most vulnerable members of human society, it seems that a university that claims to support the unborn child’s right to life should, to the best of its abilities, avoid affiliation with him.  Even if you supported most of what Stalin did, you would never invite him to speak at your university, because to do so would be to overlook the massive genocide that he committed.  I’m not calling Obama communist.  I honestly believe that he is convinced that what he is doing is right.  Nevertheless, the fact remains that he flagrantly supports the massacre of millions of unborn human beings, and any institution that claims to uphold Biblical morals should refrain from giving him honor until he attempts to reverse these policies which have become a death sentence for countless human beings created in God’s image.

For further reading on this topic see

FATHER JONATHAN MORRIS: Controversy at Notre Dame — Should Obama Be Honored?

Bicycling Career

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On Monday, March 23, 2009, Lance Armstrong had a bicycling accident which resulted in a broken collarbone, while riding in the first stage of the Vuelta of Castilla and Leon race in Spain. After being able to get 7 straight wins in the Tour de France, Armstrong was able to come back after 3 and a half years to get back to what he liked doing. What occured in Spain what unexpected and a great shock. It must have been hard for Armstrong to be able to leave his bicycling career in 2005 and then get back up in 2009 to continue again and then having this happen to him. Armstrong has done a good job in being able to look past his injury and wanting to continuing in his bicycling.